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National Trust. Knightshayes

Today,we finally managed to make some use of our National Trust membership, first time this year.
We’ve passed signs for Knightshayes many times, and had discussed as a family previously about where we’d like to visit next.
This was it.
The long drive to the car park reminded me very much of my childhood,looking out of the window on our way to Cricket St Thomas near to where I live.

We swiped ourselves in,decided we’d take a visit the the manor house first. It was still fairly grey outside, we were hoping for a temperature change.

Passing the walled kitchen gardens, we decided to have at look in there instead.

Incredibly peaceful area,even the children enjoyed it.
Apart from these dodgy characters scaring more than the crows..toddler was not keen.
If you can’t beat them,join them.


We made our way over to the stunning house within the grounds.
Greeted by a friendly lady who explained about the restorations, and the differences,between when it was lived in and when the Trust took it over.
Signs around the house stated no photos inside.
Another volunteer as we entered another room,watched as we all piled in,but he wasn’t as welcoming.
But it certainly didn’t put us off.
Beautiful Gothic d├ęcor with the children comparing a little to Hogwarts.
We noticed the weather outside seemed to be changing,so we cut our tour short,returned outside. Thought maybe we’d return later in the day to investigate upstairs of the house.
Making our way to the stunning gardens that immediately surrounded the outside.
Flattened our heavy picnic blanket down,set up camp to have lunch.
Whilst the sun had a battle of hide and seek with the clouds.
The children had a wonderful time,whilst John and I, although we had the baby sat with us,we had some adult relaxing time.
Rarely getting a babysitter,it isn’t often we get these moments.
It was perfect.
Finishing our day at the small wooden play area,we had a wonderful day. Just us. No internet. Just the camera on my phone. (Sadly my camera has given up).
Highly recommend Knightshayes.
Beautiful grounds for making the most amazing memories.
Only downside, the toilets weren’t particularly clean,very dark and dreary, but we did only see one set.
Even managed to add to my jute collection
And a Christmas Present for our miniature monkey.
(And yes I did say the C word,I started a while a go).
Cast Iron Snail,which is a tea light holder!
Thank you National Trust.

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