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Mrs S

Welcome to my page. I do hope you take a moment or two to have a look around. This is The Red Head Diaries, I have five children; four I parent and one who I just share memories about. They are four girls and one boy; believe it or not, we’re redheads! All of different shades; even my husband has the red in his family.

Blogging Love

I have always loved writing and photography right from a young age, I would jot anything and everything down, even if it rarely made sense. I did work experience in a photography studio too; which I absolutely loved. I began the blogging journey after our daughter had died, wanted a place to place my thoughts and feelings, which you can find here: Baby-Loss. 

I wanted to begin writing about memories as a family, sharing days out, where we visit and share with others to enjoy too. After blogging my very difficult pregnancy with my youngest daughter, I began to find what I was looking for.


I have now just recently made the decision about doing this properly, it is something I love and always have done. With this new blog, I hope to be the writer I dream of. I lost my way a little at the end of 2017, where I found myself comparing and following other bloggers and lost what exactly what I was doing and most importantly I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So along with moving to self-hosting, I launched a new feature on the blog – Fiction Friday.

I am beginning to find my love for writing again, I hope you will find the love of reading my posts too.



Thank you for popping by.



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