#100happydays Seventy Nine.

A catch up.
My children came home today. I’d not seen them since Monday its been a long few days without them. I feel more complete when they’re at home. Feels wonderful.
We put up our decorations today. We can’t do them without them here doesn’t feel right.
So,here’s our tree we’ve gone for reds,golds and greens this year.

The top area of our Christmas tree in memory of our lovely girl.
Also you can just about see our Frozen tree ornaments from our lovely friends. Who also gave us the “Joy” ornament simply because I am in a different place in my grief journey.
A new found joy I guess.
One of our many bows.


Our Christmas Tree,I’m really pleased with it.
We usually do Melody’s garden the same day but the weather – wind is horrendous.
Hopefully tomorrow.
We even had a snowball fight..
We have Christmas Companions, who bring the children some kind of parcel throughout December, which mainly consists of books. But today was one of those different parcel days.
It was a sensory rainbow light bulb,one each for the girls’ and boy’s rooms. And the girls got a purple chandelier shade too.


The baby loves it.
She is loving all the Christmas lighting and decorations too.


Love this age,their eyes full of surprise and wonder.
Moments like these you can’t get again.


We also had a fundraiser bingo for our troupe.


Didn’t win a thing, but we had a lovely time.
Raising loads of funds too.


Happy days.



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