#100happydays…ONE HUNDRED DAYS

We’re here….100th Day.
Boxing Day.
A huge thank you to people who have kept with it, if you have.
Listened to my waffles, my ups and downs.
I completed it. #100happydays.

I’m sure I’ll do another.

So here is my 100th happy day.
For us it was Christmas Day.

We collected the biggies, and begun our day.
We’d done a lot of bargain shopping, i also started in July!! So was able to spoil them a little. See their faces,was perfect.
The surprise expressions,as the surprises came more and more.


Her first frozen doll
With her new mace


Mid being a diva,with her Anna hair..


Cross between Hiro and Darth Vader.


Queen for the day..
Today has been perfect.
Nothing about gifts, but happy faces.
Excitement filling the air. Adults and children alike.
Miss C has been very overwhelmed. Hoping she’ll be less fractious tomorrow.
She did proper crawl today though.
On all fours once back once forward.
Caterpillar has been the main movement so far.
Guess Christmas tree will come down before sixth then…

That’s it. One hundred days complete.
It’s been good.

And this has been the most amazing climax..

Thank you again.
Happy,happy days…


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