#100happydays Fifty One

We have had such a lovely day.
Chess at breakfast,scrabble at lunchtime.

The morning weather was hideous, we really thought we’d have to have a DVD day.
By the time we had finished lunch, it had brightened up.


We went to the Taunton Star Wars Day, was very busy but we managed a photo with the Stormtroopers.
The boys (yes,boys haha) loved it.
We let the children do a type of secret Santa.
We mixed some names up, we all picked a name each, decided a budget. Let the children (well, the older two), decide on the gifts within the “strict” budget.
They had a great time!
Their Santa gifts are complete, I’ve just to do the little girls’ gifts to their person.
They enjoyed choosing, and learning a touch of maths too.
Spot of hot chocolate too..






Came home with these
Shortbread biscuits, free from dairy, gluten and wheat.
Taste lovely actually.
This arrived today too…
A JML dryer buddy, which I have nicknamed
Bay Max…our own personal drying assistant!
So far, so good.
Lovely Days





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