#100happydays Day Twenty Two

I’m a bit at war with myself at the moment, it is something that is really hard to explain, something only I can decide which side of the war will win…
so having some focus with the happy days is really helping.
I’m not having a “wobble” quite the opposite,
which is making me question some things at the moment; which I am okay with, none of this was supposed to be easy.
John brought this today, he is so sweet, and I am so very lucky.
The calendar is tiny, so no doubt it’ll be chocolate button sized pieces of chocolate in side,
but its chocolate!


Here he is playing with this beautiful fly-tai that has come on holiday with us for a couple of weeks.
I am very pleased he likes (loves) it too.
Maybe we’ll have a similar one come to live with us….soon.
I’ve had such a lovely day with old an new friends, lovely things to look forward to, although sad carnival season is almost finished.
Why this battle (for wanting a better word), is making me feel so torn.
It’ll be great, I am sure.
Wonderful Days.

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