#100happydays Day Twenty Three

It was the evening of our town’s carnival, a chance for get together’s an having fun.
Of course my main focus was on my son and daughter’s troupe..Merriott Majorettes, but I have always loved carnival.
As someone watching, I was impressed by how organised it was this year, flowing nicely no huge gaps. Although we were stood at the beginning, but even so it seemed to go well.
We have the float who turned the world upside down…
literally! The part at the front every so often would spin upside down.
Tableaux…frozen solid. I really am far too fidgety to be able to stay still for a whole carnival,
very well done to them, detailing absolutely perfect.


Finally Europe’s Most Wanted.
Slow start, but thoroughly entertaining the crowds,
not one member showing signs of giving up, they certainly had us dancing only thing we were missing were our Afros!
There were many, many other acts, every single person works so unbelievably hard, makes me extremely proud that my children are a part of it.
No photo of these, due to me being so proud, I was too busy cheering and watching them,
beaming with pride!
Proud Days

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