#100happydays Day Twenty

Chosen film for the morning would be The Lorax. But I spent the first part watching K. Although she has seen this film countless of times,it is easily one of her favourites, her face was an absolute picture, the wonder that must have been going through her mind, ┬ástill amazed to see the characters and the singing. In awe as if it were the first time she was watching. That’s the amazing thing about her, everything remains new and exciting.
I highly recommend taking a moment, just to watch them, without them seeing you.
Better than even watching the film.

Managed a tiny spot of writing too!


Another little lady taking it all in is this little moon bug, taking hold of her toy, of course straight in her mouth, then she took a moment to have a look at this new item in her new clenched hand.
Never seizes to amaze me just how great children are, even as they get older, and they see or experience things for the first time, their faces, expressions are amazing.

Leading to double baby wearing cuddles too, baby K is very independent and loves walking, and doing things for herself, so it is very rare these days that she wants to come up for “ladybug” cuddles.
Didn’t take long for her to doze, baby was needing squishes too.

Finally Chocolate Cake..

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

Thank you very much!

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