#100happydays Day Twelve

Tried a very special tea bread this eve, made by a lovely friend of mine, dairy free and delicious!

Out to a new toddler group today, was incredibly busy not sure if I liked it too much. Not sure if it is because I am used to my usual group, but I felt definitely unsure, could be a confidence thing I guess.  My little girl loved it.

On our return home, this was on the door step, I’m not really into signs from Melody as such, but something about this on the door mat really made me think of her for a moment.

My little girlie in one of her big sister’s many dresses.


We have baby K in her little sister’s doughnut…
Yes, that is right she is sat in it on top of the trampoline, like a cheeky miss that she is.
But once removed from the trampoline, it didn’t take long for this to happen
Whilst she was napping I had rare sleepy cuddles
Poor baby has had an unsettled few days, due to an attempt on reintroducing foods, but she’s obviously not ready for it yet. She has been a little more happier today and is fast becoming a chatter box, although this will be short lived as we have injections tomorrow….


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