#100happydays Day Thirty Three

I won’t lie, but I am unbelievably shattered! I’ve little to no energy right now insomnia moved in about 10 days ago…I can’t even blame the baby, her sleeping is to be expected for a baby, some nights all night, some every couple of hours.
I’ve gotten to the point, where I am over tired, if there is such a thing, but not quite at the silly chat and giggly stage….yet.
But the show must go on as they say.
We’ve had a smiley day today, I’m feeling so positive right now, I’m wondering if this project is working somewhat.
I feel…okay.
My biggest girl, I hope having the time of her life on her school trip, my boy spending time with his dad. Two crazy babies at home, mad husband who puts up with me.
So much to look forward to.
I feel different.
We have
Smiley Bum, after her hard start, she is turning out to be so, so smiley!
Giggly Bum


Crazy Bum


Having fun with daddy, apologies for the dodgy photos.
But her smiles are amazing.


Selfie fun with mummy


Ring Sling experimenting


I really hope these positive bright days continue.
I may be shattered but I would like to feel the warm positives too.

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