#100happydays Day Thirty Six

Fluffy Post!!
As you can see Calliope’s Christmas present arrived today. We had a very, very brief play as it is a toddler sized carrier and squishy is still far too small for it.
So here is one half of the Mei Tai. Star Wars being apt for this year with the new film.
Hubby being a big fan too.
We ordered from the lovely lady over at Carry Mei Baby.
We decided to take the plunge and get a custom carrier this time, she’s our final baby, being that she is a little young for all the Christmas Things this year, buying something practical seemed worth while; plus we’re not renewing the pushchair. ¬†Carry Mei Baby were great at communication and advice, offered an instalment option, which made the decision even easier.
Quick sewing, and speedy delivery, I can highly recommend her too.


It is reversible, but I’ve not got a good action shot of it.
We chose Mermaids – Sirens as Calliope’s name means beautiful voice..
Which as legends would have it so do Mermaids.
It is now wrapped up, in the loft with the rest of the presents, so I am not tempted to keep playing.
Only 64 days until we see it again!
Calliope loving her new bed, although she’s currently in my bed – but hey one slow step at a time.
In her own time.


My biggest came home from her residential today, here she is with her buddy.
Meaning I had some very amazing news from his mum today, which was the top of my happy list.
New Squishes!


Cuddly Selfies



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