#100happydays Day Thirty One

Post Carnival Sunday, lots of de-glittering, lots of reflection and looking back on great times.
We chose to take the children to lunch, we let them chose in the end,
and they chose The Perkin in Taunton..
A mini send off for Leah for her first residential trip to Kilve Court,
leaving tomorrow returning Friday.
She is super excited, and was one trip I never did as a child, so I felt determined for her to go if she wanted to. We’ve been packed for about 3 or 4 weeks now…
A celebration of end of carnival season, this guy is amazing!
I know I am repeating myself..


This one slept through lunch, and through our shopping trip too…
A rarity!!


The children have opted for a “Secret Santa” style choosing of Christmas present buying this year.
We all know who we’re buying for but had to pick from the pile, with a £5 budget.
We’re hoping it’ll help them learn a little more on budgeting, and also thinking/creative skills on what to get their chosen person.
They’re very excited, it was also a kind of big step for me too (may not sound huge), but Leah asked if Melody’s name was going in the invisible hat. I said not this time.
There are times where we can try and include her, and times where there will not be, this is the first.
I’m not upset or finding it hard about it
This is one fun thing we can’t include her in.
And I am fine with it.
(I am ahead of the game though and have brought my recipient theirs)
I really am looking forward to Christmas this year.
Finally the three of them having down time, playing snakes and ladders on Leah’s phone.


I’ve had such an amazing weekend.

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