#100happydays Day Thirty Five

I’ve had such a lovely day, beginning with a little lie-in for the girls, so I managed to do a little bit more wrapping.
The girls had cosy cuddles on the sofa


Had a job interview.

Kelsi decided it would be a good idea to bounce on the trampoline, in the ring…

I got offered the job…

Whilst the biggest is still out to Kilve, we promised my boy dinner out.
We don’t go out often, its too expensive for us all and to find somewhere that is multiple allergy friendly and “cheap” is actually nearly impossible.
We went to Stonemasons, its ok.. Explained that I am gluten and dairy free, they hand me a gluten free menu… So, yet again I am finding myself eating ham,egg and chips where ever I go; even then the chips are actually not “free from” because of contamination from, batter or breadcrumbs.
Unless of course I’m looking in the wrong places.
Feel free to point me in the right direction.

We’ve obviously had a slight contamination as baby has belly ache…
Back to the drawing board.

That job!
I am now a part time midday lunchtime supervisor… Dinner Lady!
I keep saying “only” but actually, really its quite a big step for me, I have been doing part time work at home, especially since Kelsi was born.
Lost all confidence to work outside, there was no way I could go back to care or hospital setting, well not in the area I was working.
So, this little job came up, and I only applied very last minute,if anything I thought it would give me interview experience.
I never expected to get it.
But here I am working out the house!
I missed the social side, I missed being me.
I hope I like it and that my confidence doesn’t hold me back.
I’m excited if nothing else.

A day of change!

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