#100happydays Day Thirty Eight

Quiet Day turned into an accomplished day.
Whilst we were given an extra hour this morning, the baby had extra snuggles, which meant I could finish the Capture Your Grief project, over on my other blog.
They’re all now scheduled in until the 31st October.
A really tiny thing that has made me quite happy.
I am pleased about this as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish it this year,
which I have written about over there.
┬áLeah went through her little box of tricks that she wanted for Melody, coming across one of Melody’s nappies that she wanted in her box.
This is Leah’s hand with the nappy.
Smiles for daddy, we have finally gotten around to sorting out her Christening celebration venue.
One thing ticked off the list


Whilst at the venue, we also managed to arrange a table top event in aid of the majorettes.
So we donned our coats and off we booked.
Really pleased, I hope we get a good turn out.


Leah “modelling” the venue..



 Cheeky children
Our little “Alice”


Best part was meeting my friend’s new baby, no pictures as not my place to share.
But he is gorgeous. I think he is the first baby, that doesn’t belong to me that I have held since loosing Melody.
Now I know full well I have been judged for not cuddling babies, in particular I find it hard to hold girl babies.
I’m not being rude and it is not like I don’t like babies I do, I cannot explain it really…
I should have been cuddling Melody.
Now, today for me I was very lucky to have a friend who understands my wobbles, even when I have explained to her in the past why I’ve not held other people’s babies, of course she says I don’t need to explain myself.
So, today I had the very special honour of meeting AND braving a cuddle with a very gorgeous little boy…most importantly mum and baby are here safe and well.
Very happy days!!

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