#100happydays Day Sixty Six

It was the day of our littlest lady’s Christening.
The last of our children being Christened, a day that one of our children will never have, so bittersweet day too.

I actually didn’t take many photos today, as we had a lovely photographer.
But they’re not quite ready.
But here are a few “randoms”.

Hubby in his kilt get up..


Mummy and Calliope wearing our Melody bracelets.
Melody has one of these with her.


Made by daddy


Spoilt baby


Mummy selfie
Beautiful girl.
She was good as gold,she seemed to enjoy her first big day.
I’m really looking forward to seeing the professional photos.
This time last year the Hyperemesis,was starting to take a hold. The world outside closing off,the days getting darker and lonelier. The thought of her birth and days like today seemed so far away, like an incredibly slow and painful crawl to the finish line.
Not even sure the finish line would be the one we wanted.
The one with a baby we could take home.
Even when she was born the dark clouds lingered, with the HG aftermath,my struggle to bond with her which broke my heart especially after everything we’d been through.
Of course her poorly tummy.
Tonight looking back,to sat here with a girlie drunk on mummy milk. I know my love for her,just how lucky I am to have this sensitive smiley little girl as my daughter.
So thankful to the people who joined us today,who never turned their backs,who remained as friends and family until I felt comfortable again.
Especially to the friends who became Calliope’s God Parents,(and honoury God Mum) who have all had a hand in getting us – me where I am now.
I’m feeling particularly soppy (I’ve had a glass and a half of Rosé).
My husband and children.
Are my guiding light.
I love you.
I love you all.


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