#100happydays Day Sixty Seven

Had what seemed like first frost this morning.. Very cold today.

Today consisted of girlie cuddles while watching The Minions (quite a few times ).
Baby girl who is under the weather,so we had lots of slingy cuddles,so I could get things done.

Not sure if it’s teeth or something else,will maybe take a trip to the GP. I feel so helpless, especially when her tummy is playing up too because of something that creeper in.
Hate seeing them so sad.

I was red carded by the post man on Saturday, went to retrieve it and found thus lovely fella for Calliope, from one of Melody’s friends’ mums.

I only wish we knew each other in different circumstances.

Sorting through photos for today’s entry I discover my little selfie addicts had been playing with my phone, there were about 50 shots,here are a few of my favourites.



Crazy babies….


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