#100happydays Day Sixty Nine

The day started out a little,shall I say interesting…
Where my father in law had to come let me out as I  was locked in..
Leaving the house without a rain cover..luckily it was a brief drizzle,until we returned home.

A visit to the baby clinic today,not some thing I do very often as we use CONI, so have home visits when needed,I must say it was OK. I didn’t go alone, but I went. Got baby weighed and most importantly I got some decent weaning advice.

I’ve never had a child with intolerances,so it has either been “traditional” weaning with my older two children,and “Baby Led Weaning” with K. She could eat what ever food we were eating,so the thought of weaning C has been filled with dread.
With conflicting advice,I have felt useless and actually quite overwhelmed by it all.
Their tummies, especially Calliope’s, are so sensitive,so for me I need to make sure I do it right,so not for her to be intolerant forever.
So,today it makes me happy to have some sound advice, I felt listened to, she’s almost six months,so only two more weeks to wait but now I feel little more relaxed by the whole thing.

So here’s to exploring even more free from recipes for both myself and her to try.
I get to try chocolate once she’s nine months…. Medicinal purposes..

Cheeky picture for today..

I have a poorly mouth at the moment too.

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