#100happydays Day Seventy Two.

Has been a lovely family day. Albeit we kept forgetting it was Saturday, as yesterday was inset day.
Hubby made us a delicious roast, was then we discovered that gravy was a no go for me chicken juices are just as good I guess…
Did try and look for “free from” gravy but it had celery in…which is no good to us,our chicken stock had milk in.
Still roast was amazing as always. Followed by coconut biscuits, much like party rings, but home made and better.

The children have put in orders for their birthday parties.

We were going to put our Christmas decorations up, but the theme we have chosen this year,we don’t actually have much of!
So we shall be going decoration shopping before the week is out.
However my boy really wanted to make a start of Melody’s Christmas village.

So,that is now in place. The first year we decided we’d buy a house,and collect them every Christmas to make a village.

This year we’ve added a Nativity scene.
We’ve still to put snow in window.
Christmas is coming.
I’m missing our miniature hero.


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