#100happydays Day Seventy Four

Hubby gets a surprise half day. In my mind I’m having “one of those days” I’m really glad he did.
Nothing that a good (more than a couple of hours) night’s sleep won’t fix. A blog post over on my other blog,I’m sure will also help…just need to find the words.

With hubby home, I needed a welcome distraction…
Christmas Presents. Not the greatest distraction, due to the missing pile.

But was nice to make sure all labels were present and correct.

Advent calendars in place, and our Christmas Companion.
Writing helps heal me.

I feel excited for Christmas,for all the things we have planned.
That is all I must focus on. Head high,smile painted on.
Tomorrow is a different day.
I still managed to find the happy in today.
That’s why I’m here…..

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