#100happydays Day Seventy Five

One of the sling meets were on today, which was lovely, met some lovely new people too, which is always a bonus.
Of course today is 1st December, the Christmas countdown is on, feeling slightly better than yesterday, but I’m OK.
Especially watching Miss K retrieve her chocolate from her advent calendar,

confused by the fact a) she couldn’t eat the other two chocolates in the pocket b) she couldn’t eat all the days today.
But apart from this her face being completely happy at this piece of chocolate lets me know just how incredibly luck I am.
We had cracker Queen too.


We’re doing “Bookmas” again this year, our 4th one.
We usually wait for my older ones to get home from their dad’s to open parcels, but we’ve started with K, only a toddler book, but still. I always feel so guilty doing these things without them.
But they won’t miss out.


Girlie cuddles


Nice Days.


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