#100happydays Day Seventeen

Okay, so a few of these I am cheating with for today,
but I am still buzzing from such a great weekend. That it has rolled in to one!
Kelsi joining in with the hair and make up preparations.
She loved every minute.
Getting ready for the procession to begin, as I walked with the troupe last night for the first time, and really enjoyed myself, and actually was a massive thing for me, as I really lack confidence, which brings me to having an amazing, yet surprising compliment, how calm and confident I come across!
Personally I don’t think I’ve ever felt that confident, especially in recent years.
So surprises me when people suggest I am.
Lovely though..


End of the night, over tired hyperactivity, from mummy and daughter.
Little man and mini lady were in bed, beaten by the Second Prize success the troupe had.


Today’s “official” happy days would be going speedy shopping for her new trainers for her residential trip in a few weeks, we stopped off in Costa, where I discovered that they do Dairy Free drinks!
With a gluten free, dairy free Bakewell tart on the side.
Neither of us finished them, but they were very yummy.


Best of all, these little guys have moved in..
Saltie and Peppa. Super, super cute.
Made my Day.
Great Happy Days this week end.
Only two more carnivals to go…


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