#100happydays…Day Ninety

Ten days until our Christmas Day,Boxing Day for everyone else.
Things are falling into place…I think.

Did a couple of hours walking today,first half was up hill,with prams and I carried one of mine,they took it in turns.
Was so nice being in the open air. The views we could see are simply amazing.

Not the best of photos,but was taken on my phone,our houses are down in there somewhere, we’d walked from there.
Our prize was brunch, shared with the girls.
Walking back was a little quicker..
My poor bub has been so sick since returning home,she’s so sensitive to foods, something had crept in my brunch.
I know the signs,just feel so helpless.
Still smiling though.
As you can see she has a cold too,which isn’t helping,so decided not to give her any solids today,to give her a rest.
Really hate seeing her so under the weather, especially her belly aches too.
Excuse for lots of cuddles..
Having a brief moment of calm I was able to make cakes with K too. Her choice,could hardly say no!


Lovely,but Sicky days.

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