#100happydays…Day Ninety Two

Day if being shattered,that I’d given up figuring out which way is up. A baby not well for past few days, lack if sleep taking it’s toll.
Still my little job and of course Christmas jumper day,final day of term. Have been looking forward to,today for ages.

Before work I ventured into town with two of my girls,walking past the cemetery Miss K declares she’d like to see Meldee (as she calls Melody), off we went to visit her.
She stood and chatted to her, most certainly unaware to who Melody is. She sees Melody as a headstone….one day she’ll learn.

She wanted to blow her a kiss, she’s always loved blowing her kisses…

Tip toe to kiss her big sister.
End of year Majorette Christmas Party was today too.
Before this we took Miss C to DR’s to check her chest.
Chest clear,nasty cold. I feel helpless.
We decided we’d try the party, the children had been so excited,it was something we should do.
Turns out Miss C loved the lights,the dancing and the fuss.
Miss K took centre stage on the dance floor,loving every single minute.
We barely saw Mr J or Miss L through socialising with their friends. Mummy and hubby even managed a dance too.
Haven’t danced like that in such a long time.
I had an amazing time..

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