#100happydays…Day Ninety Four

Decided on an impromptu trip to the shops. And of course a trip to Costa. Think the children are beginning to see it as a little shopping tradition…
Which I can’t grumble about,as I can actually have a Costa drink too,as they do dairy free alternative. Shame other places can’t do the same too..


Loving their “babychinos”.
The bigger children go to their dad’s for Christmas day/eve this year,so our Christmas Eve box/hamper arrived early.
Filled with PJs,chocolate hot chocolate and a Christmas DVD..
Nativity Three!


I know we’ve still got Miss K and Miss C here Christmas, but it’s just not the same without them all here.
Even managed to get her another crazy hat…
No pictures for next part as I forgot my phone.
Had my first committee night out,not had a ” work” Christmas do in years,it was lovely!
We had such a giggle.
Lovely food too.


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