#100happydays…Day Ninety Five

Chilled day at home, absolutely shattered at the moment,catching up with me the baby’s poorly nights last week.
She’s much better than she was,so reattempted the start of her weaning journey.
Porridge was evil, slight lump on her tongue made her gag…a lot,such a drama queen, she likes toast,so not smooth. Carrots taste and some fruit,the fruit she loved!

Kelsi playing with her and the bib


Trying to help feed,
 when all Miss C wanted was to feed herself


Miss K picked these out for our Melody today.


Completely off her own back.
Makes me so proud of how they all are.
Bigger two went off for their Christmas celebration today,I’ll not see them until Boxing Day.
I can’t wait!!
Finally found this, reminded me of my first,and really only birth board.
Melody’s board.
They’re amazing. Miss talking to them often.


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