#100happydays… Day Ninety Eight

So,Christmas Eve is here.
It’s strange that I’m ready,no wrapping no real shopping.
Ready. Just missing the older two for when they return on Boxing Day, as we’ve done every other year since 2011. Eagerly waiting for 2012 to have that new baby.. Only is happened instead.

I don’t like to visit much,but make sure we do around Christmas and her birthday…. Today it broke me.
Christmas Eve, she’s out in the cold and wind.
I had some tears,something again I don’t do often these days.
Special occasions like now,is when it’s most obvious.
The empty chair, the unused PJs.
The missing pile of presents…
But as always,as I do every time I walk away from her,to dust myself off wipe away the tears.
And smile.
I have to..
I’ve two little girlies ready for the rest of festivities.
And two people returning as I said Boxing Day.
There’s no time to think, to cry to be anything other than joyful.
Did take car for new tyres, a Christmas Present…
Kelsi was very worried about her car flying away, though think she was more worried about her crisps and Elsa in the boot than the car itself.
ATS selfie…
Almost there!!

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