#100happydays Day Nine

Catch up, as had a busy day not much time to stop!

We had an amazing day yesterday. The children were in the Children’s Carnival with some of their troupe and siblings too. Dressed as princesses and princes, they loved every single minute.



Kelsi walked 95% of the way round, waving like a proper queen. She is going to love being in the majorettes one day. She didn’t tire, she just couldn’t decide if she wanted to be in the pumpkin or to walk…she seemed to prefer to walk. Was a fair distance too.

As you can see in the background my husband joined in too….looking amazing at that!
Best thing we came FIRST!!
Huge thank you to the people who made the pumpkin and made the occasion possible.
Popping home for a quick change and a bite to eat, we went to watch a carnival!
Only one the children can watch this year, as they’re in the rest.
We had a great time as a family.
We did have a spot of amazing news regarding a memory of Melody,
which I’ll share a bit more soon.
Happy Days!


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