#100happydays Day Fourteen

Firstly Thursdays are always my favourite as my older two children return home form their dad’s house, which makes me incredibly happy.

Different day to what I’d planned, but usually the unplanned day are just as great.
We have had a slightly unsettled bubba, day after injections is my guess, although she has been trying some new things this past 24 hours too. Including rolling back to front, she is almost there, but not quite, its annoying her a little…although awoke in the middle of the night, to find she had disappeared through movement! Fidgety little bug!
lots of mummy cuddles with refusal to sleep..

Yes, I am using the washing machine as a baby sitter.
A surprise parcel arrived today, from my dear friend from afar. A little piece of Melody through the door.
My only wish is we had met through different circumstances.
This lady made herself jump, by working out how to turn the Ipod on, which hadn’t been turned down from its last time in use, so made her jump, her face was an absolute picture…
As I mentioned earlier we think the baby is having a developmental issue, one being the rolling/moving.
The other mastering laughter, which in between the grizzles we’ve had little belly chuckles too.
One of the most beautiful sounds.
Poor picture, but it was a video screen shot
(A video she refused to laugh in, I might add!)


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