#100happydays Day Four

Beginning the day with my crazy son’s most craziest quote to date.
Talking about how far the baby can now see, and what colours,
he turns and asks “How far can I see?”
No idea where he gets his crazy from….

Resuming play today, by returning to my regular group the sling meet in Taunton, which I used to love, until the Hyperemesis struck. I’d gone to a meet picnic over the summer with my husband and the children, so was nice to get to this meet too.
I really enjoy this group, when I felt alone with some of the groups closer to home, I felt welcome and included here, so I very much missed it whilst I was poorly.
With the new baby I have promised myself that I won’t feel pushed out again like I did before. Although it is hard not to feel that way at times, especially when sometimes I feel like I am watching backs of heads, my baby is just as important.

So the sling meet enables Calliope (Kelsi too), to make baby friends and me some social time too along side my weekly adventures too.

So it was a visit to Shakees (where the sling meet is held) for this lady bug

And this moon bug’s first official sling meet.
As you can see she had an amazing time.
I’ve been able to make a few tiny steps to doing some things to make a difference, I’m not ready to state this information just yet, as I’d like to get confirmation and my head around it all first, because more often or not I get over excited, I then back out.
But for now it is a happy moment.
Finally this little one had her weekly weigh in….
Only put on another 7 oz in a week! (she usually does about 7oz a week)
She is exactly 12lb. 14 weeks today and has just doubled her birth weight.
Another happy day…


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