#100happydays Day Forty Two

Miserable weather day, shopping day too.
My one regret of today was not stopping the car to take photos of the most beautiful autumn trees.
It felt like we  were anywhere but the place we were at.
But of course it wasn’t safe to just pull over.
I will catch that photo…
Ring Sling cuddles with the bubba, post injections from yesterday, we’ve not been a happy bunny.
Here we having the toddler with her summer/autumn/winter wear..


This arrived in the post today. It is indeed my birthday on this day,
I have been very good and put it to one side.
*waits impatiently for the 3rd to arrive*


Own up, who is it?!
Sisters playing, Kelsi pretending to feed the baby,
actually the baby really enjoyed her spoon full of nothing.


Mummy and Son selfie, love this boy.
Surrounded by women, he seems to love every minute.


Finally an evening with friends – although I did drink this before they arrived, just the one glass.
I picked it up a few weeks ago, in a bottle no bigger than a beer bottle, tastes really nice.
Not usually a wine drinker, but this was lovely.


Lovely evening with friends, where the adults watched Frozen and the children chatted..
Happy Days.


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