#100happydays Day Forty Four

Mini trip away to spend a couple of evenings with family in North Devon again. We had a lovely time.
We had intended on taking a trip to North Devon’s popular adventure park The Milky Way; we love it there. However, we weren’t entirely sure that rain wouldn’t spoil the day, so rather than attempt it, we changed plans slightly. The children weren’t disappointed in the slightest.

Hubby and his brother took all the children to Funderzone; a massive soft play centre, whilst my mother in law and I browsed the shops and had a cuppa and cake at Boston Tea Party, which was lovely. We don’t get to see each other enough, I really did love having some time with her..plus Calliope, who was terribly nosey!

We returned back to the house and had Carpet picnic, where the weather did a complete U-turn, with not a cloud in sight, we all ventured to Rock Park. The children (and adults), had a wail of a time.
Just sharing a couple of photos.


I managed some Autumnal shots too.
I really love the Autumn colours.

The children had a wonderful time, both indoor and out door play, for a lot cheaper than the adventure park, still there’s always next time..

Once again returned home for a spot of Halloween madness

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