#100happydays Day Forty Five

Returned home from our mini break today, so it was a lazy day for the children, and a “pack everything away” day for the adults.

But managed some DVDs, including these


and of course Ghostbusters and Harry Potter too.


This little ruffle bum attempted to pinch mummy’s dinner.
This children indulged in a lovely chocolately pizza, a very rare treat.
But as I can’t indulge..


I had this little guy.


Happiest moment would be during bed time routine, Kelsi finally had a pee in the toilet!
Let the fun of potty training commence!
She has been telling us for a long while, but hadn’t built the confidence to know that, actually using the toilet is actually okay!.
She was incredibly proud of herself, as were we!
We wouldn’t force her and have been completely led by her.


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