#100happydays Day Forty Eight

We took the girlies out today K and her best buddy. They’re so cute together.

We usually love this particular soft play, it is small and perfect for small children.
It then makes hard when there are a small minority who do spoil it for others.
There is a separate baby section, where our baby was in the “pen”, young chaps (about 2/2.5) attempted to throw themselves over the barriers, almost landing on her.
Asking nicely if they wouldn’t as it would hurt her, that it was baby section. One of the boys goes to baby’s face and screams at her !
He went away.
Not long after we could hear K crying, which whilst at the soft play is rare, she loves it there.
Only to find the same child had hit her in the tummy.
She was most sad.
I never know how to deal with this situation.
All children have a right to play, more so to play without fear.
We chose to leave a short while after.
We know it won’t put K off, but it does seem unfair.
They did have dairy free flapjack, which was a welcome change.


Lunchtime madness! I have no idea what she was doing, but I think she has gotten used to when the camera clicks, so she made a funny face.


Mummy and day had a sneaky kiss
“Stop mummy,daddy”
“Are we embarrassing you?”


Relieved that mummy had finished this set of wrapping..


Almost finished!

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