#100happydays Day Forty

Sixty Days until Boxing Day..
59 Days for the more traditional dates!
Still having a baby, not overly settled again today, so mummy has been pinned under her.
I feel so helpless. Especially when I feel a little guilty that her tummy is so sensitive as a possible side effect from my HG meds. And of course, something slipping through the net that I have missed.
Of course if could well be teeth too.
So I am dreading tomorrow when she has her final “baby” immunisations.


Whilst pinned I discovered Adele’s new song…
I do like her stuff anyway, really love this song.
However it has Ear wormed me at them moment which is unhelpful.
But, pleased she had made a return,
We’ve a little bouncing
And some smile searching
Trying her best to get her sitting right..
We seemed to have cheered up come the evening, I hope it lasts.


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