#100happydays Day Five

Greetings to those still with me, hope you’re not too bored of me already…

Not a great deal to offer today. We had a day at home weather was a little rubbish to begin with – couldn’t make up it’s mind.
A film day it was, although we didn’t watch many films, as with a toddler she likes to watch over and over…luckily I am a big kid and I don’t mind so much.

Big Hero 6.
One of the firm favourites at the moment. Along with Despicable Me and The Lorax.
The baby actually enjoying her bouncy chair, a rare occurrence.
Almost matching fluffy bums, with owls…makes me smile anyway.
Putting some plans together for some exciting new things again today. Makes me feel less useless.
Also getting my bum into gear with sorting out our baby’s christening. Hoping to make it a lovely affair as she is our last.
95 to go….


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