#100happydays Day Fifty Six

Weekly food shop day. I usually just let John do it, as I am a nervous driver. But I really need to get over this issue, one step at a time. So a trip to the shop about 20 minutes away.
Taking the two littlest girls, I have to say how well behaved they were. Well one was asleep in the wrap the whole time, does that count?

The other helped me load the trolley, learning her numbers and counting as we went.
She rewarded herself – as in she took it off the shelf and popped into the trolley- chocolate Santa!

Returning home, sitting having a coffee, Calliope gets cosy again as does her sister.
Kelsi holds her hands, Calliope falls asleep.


Today’s the day my older children return home.
Which of course gives me my happy moment.
We had parents evening as always done me proud.
So pleased with how well they are doing.
Proud Days



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