#100happydays Day Fifty Nine

Relaxed Sunday, took us to family church service, which was lovely and welcoming. Introducing our little lady ahead of her christening next week.
For me personally in a strange way something I can’t explain fully in words but having her christening, brings her more to Melody. It was the only place Melody visited outside of the hospital. Calliope is another sibling who will only know her as a headstone or photograph. This as well as the vicar who will perform the service, also conducted Melody’s celebration. A piece of her is in that church.
We said good bye, when now we’re welcoming her precious sister too.

We were informed of a delivery for said christening, so Leah and I went shopping for an outfit for her. We had a lovely giggle…

Yes this is an all singing AND dancing turkey hat….


Love this big girl.
I also came home with an outfit for me!!
This one is 5 months old today


Going through her photos for next weekend, I cannot see where the time has gone.
She’s grown so quick.
Makes me feel sad and guilty that we had such a tough start for her, I won’t lie it was tough.
But she is such a little sweetheart.
Take in every single moment, because yesterday will soon become weeks ago. Then they’re going to big school.
Lovely days.


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