#100happydays Day Fifteen

Began a bit of a “funny” day. When Kelsi was a baby, we begun going to group, and for a while, because of circumstances she/we were kind of pushed out, backs towards us, we weren’t good enough, or at least that was how it felt. But I carried on regardless, and soon made friends with the older children’s mums. I promised myself that Calliope wouldn’t be once again caught up in “play ground” politics, and she would this time have friends her age….wrong.
I guess maybe I am more sensitive than your average Joe, but at times I find it quite hard to make new friends and mix in, I do try hard. I spent a little time today, going backwards thinking, maybe I am not good enough. Calliope isn’t good enough. Then actually though I couldn’t make someone feel less than good enough. And of course Calliope IS amazing too.
I have been through too much, to let silly…silly behaviours get to me.
Kelsi turned out great, and has a wonderful best friend, has done just fine…Just as Calliope will as well. Better the devil you know…its comfortable there.

We had said best friend for lunch today, with carpet picnic, and Kelsi in her heels, the day got better.

Smiles and siblings, my darling boy has a new cheeky grin! Crazy boy..

Quality time, with bad hair..
evening play
And this gorgeous scene,
Things really do end up better occasionally…


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