#100happydays Day Eleven

A couple of non visuals.
One: I’ve an interview this week to become a volunteer, and to give out awareness for Hyperemesis. I am excited about this, I’d like to be able to ensure someone else to feel supported through the HG journey. And to hopefully get GPs involved in becoming more aware and HG friendly, which sadly there aren’t many. I’m not expecting to be accepted, but I am willing to give it a go.

Two: Ordering Calliope’s Christmas present, in the form of a Custom Mai Tai. I won’t reveal, apart from it has turquoise straps… Very excited.

Three: The release of the October PAIL projects, which if you follow my other blog you’ll get the see.

To add visuals…We’ve had a gorgeous sunny day, a day to finish all the washing and drying

And happy that hubby returned home from work..


A Plain Day


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