#100happydays Day Eighty

Twenty Days until our Christmas Day (Boxing Day for any new readers).
Thank you for sticking with it. I’ve really enjoyed these 80 days, albeit having a couple of wobbly days here and there. But I’ve still managed a happy moment in amongst the wobbles.

Today turned out different from what we had planned. Kelsi had been up most of the night with nasty cough,so we had to cancel plans to go to a friend’s dedication. I always feel guilty letting people down,because I know how bad I feel when I get let down.
But she understood. We’d also had a late night last night,and the children had,had one Friday so we decided against going to watch Christmas lights being switched on too.
The weather turned out less windy today so we managed to decorate Melody’s garden, featured over on my┬áDare to Say It out Loud┬áblog.

Kelsi was feeling a bit better,by the time we’d reached Melly so we thought we’d give dinner a go at Wetherspoons.

Didn’t feel all the happy so John brought me this,

Which went down nicely.
Seeing Father Christmas on his rounds,even giving Kelsi a much needed smile.
Gave a lovely end to a peaceful day.

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