#100happydays…Day Eighty One

Beginning our day with a Christmas Breakfast, well I say this, it consisted of normal school day breakfast, with Christmas Crackers.



Along with this madness, we’ve had the toddler pretending to be Rapunzel, along with her “frying pan” she wanted to know how I found her, and what do I want with her hair?!


Favourite film of the moment,that and Joseph (Joe-fish) and his Technicolor dream coat is on repeat sessions.


Had a delivery of this beautiful blanket made by my mum in law, Calliope’s nanny.
Calliope loves it, although she didn’t stay on it long at this moment as we’re practicing our crawling just now.


But is is the result for her afternoon nap..


It’s a magical blanket,she’s been asleep for at least an hour now,I’ve had a hands free dinner!
(Lengthy naps however cause me to be restless so,usually not hands free for long, checking on her every 10 minutes at least.)


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