100happydays…Day Eighty Nine.

This Lady right here is six months old today, 26+1 week old.

I still, every single day, cannot believe she is ours, she stayed.
Anyone who has read previously will know our journey, from bump to baby wasn’t the easiest.
Finding her intolerances and trying so hard to push through them with breast feeding.
I needed this focus, I needed to carry on, for me personally it helped my bond with her, it has been bloody hard work. Hearing of everyone else breezing through pregnancy, sailing through those early weeks, with their “easy” babies..
I’ve wanted to give up.
The guilt I feel,when I look back on those very early weeks, when we tried to establish what was wrong with her.
Moving passed this, she is perfect, have discovered everything that is right with her.
She is as I said before not really our rainbow, but as with my other children she is our gorgeous ray of sunshine.
She is my very cuddly little beauty.
She is on the move and has been for a few weeks, not quite on all fours, but she worms around the living room, or just rolls, she is incredibly speedy for someone so small.
She likes to chatter (obviously not words), but she’s very noisy, likes to make herself known.
Her name means beautiful voice after all..
She laughs and smiles almost all the time, aside from when something that doesn’t agree with her slips through, she is so unbelievably smiley.
She’s a finger sucker too.
Today she had her first try of food..


Toast, gluten free, dairy free goodness..though judging by her face..we’re not too sure.
Have been dreading the whole weaning experience, but now it is here..shall have to embrace it, make it fun. She’ll never be weaned again.
She loves her siblings, they’re the only ones who don’t have to work hard for a giggle.
I look at her attacking my boob, and think my goodness.
I am so lucky I get to be Calliope’s Mummy.
I just hope she gets to stay.
Love her..
Here’s to the next Six Months.
Let them be adventurous….

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