#100happydays Day Eighty Four

Took the girls out to Soft Play, was the first day I attempted the baby too. She love the soft mats.


My friend and I also needed to play too..



Baby’s first time going down a slide..


Again the mummys needed to join in.


Soft play Selfie


Sat in high chair looking down at everyone..



I had the most amazing time, such giggles.



Our Soft play experience, was so funny,
Then…after my weekly shop my car broke down! Flat battery..
That was an adventure and a half!
Luckily my friend hadn’t left the car park, so managed to rescue me (again).
Can’t thank her enough.
My lovely father in law took my husband out in the evening to rescue the car.
Can’t thank him enough.
He made in time for the children’s carol concert.
Which was amazing!
I cried of course, so unbelievably proud of them all.



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