#100happydays Day Eighteen

After a hectic weekend for the girls it was a stay at home day, the weather was miserable, so we chose not to do anything.
Calliope ha her weekly weigh in today, where she put on 10oz in a week! Making her 12lb 14 and a half, which is fantastic. No surprise really, as she is constantly on the breast. Currently having a growth spurt, and developmental time too, trying to find her strength to sit, to roll back to front again and she has teeth coming too. She doesn’t seem to know what to master first!
If in doubt feed, I think was her motto today, she has mostly fed and slept!
Now all the dairy and other things are out of her system, she has become such a smiley little lady.


We watched Disney films and cuddled today, as you can see Kelsi, hid behind me during the beginning of Aladdin, but would’t let me turn off as she likes Princess Jazmine!
Here she is practising more selfie poses..
The Mister had a half day too, which certainly brightened up my day too
Quiet Rainy Days.

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