#100happydays Day Eight

Lovely day, sun shining, natter with some mums, whilst the toddlers played.
Matched the who youngest sisters (as best I could) today; looking terribly cute.

It is actually quite hard to get two small ones to look at the camera, but you can get the drift.
These two had I guess development checks today too
Where Kelsi is seemingly tall for her age and doing perfectly, especially her speech…..
Calliope, has put on 3oz in 5 days!! So is 12lb 3 1/2 oz. But is measuring small in length, but perfect.
Our miniature princess.
It also looks like it could “just” be dairy allergy rather than gluten too, it is just a lot of places cook in same areas ie use the same chip fat for batter, making chips or sauces not Dairy Free. Although I am getting used to this free from malarkey, it is a shame some of it is more expensive than normal products. I still have months of dairy free to go, but I don’t mind, anything to not hurt her.
Best news today would be my older two’s costumes arriving, just in time for a carnival tomorrow.
The four of them are joining in with some of the majorettes…but not as majorettes
 A snippet
I am very excited for them!


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