Movies – The Ones I Love – #Blogtober

Welcome to day 13 of #Blogtober, today it is Movies; yesterday I shared with you about my life’s love, in case you missed it here is the link. I really enjoyed writing it. We’re almost half way through. I wasn’t entirely sure on what to do for today, so here is a list (I like […]

Love – Children, romance and songs -#Blogtober

Love should conquer everything. If only. Today’s #Blogtober is Love, I wasn’t sure what to include, whether to do a little PDA or to embrace it for my children. I will do both; finishing with a list of my five favourite romantic songs. Marriage I had boyfriends as a ten, I married in my early […]

Kitchen – Blogtober 2017

Day eleven of Blogtober 2017 Although our current kitchen is a lot better than one from our old property, it still isn’t the nicest looking of kitchens. So you don’t need to see that. I am instead going to share some kitchen themed memories and facts   All things Kitchen I had announced at least […]

Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award I am extremely shocked but thrilled to accept the Blogger Recognition Award from Suzie at Cinnamon Sunrise. I wasn’t sure if I was reading it right, or whether there was some kind of mistake. But I am so pleased to find someone has liked my blog enough to nominate me for an […]

September Favourites

September Favourites So I am a few days behind, but as I’ve done them for the past few months, I like to continue. September saw the children returning to school. New uniforms, new adventures. It’s been lovely. Mini begun her school journey, with only half days during the month of September. I was nervous about […]

Joke – My favourite laughs- Blogtober 2017

Welcome to Day 10 of Blogtober 2017. Today is Joke. I must say I don’t really know any at all. A Rubbish Joke or Two. “Knock Knock” “Who is there?” “Dr.” “Dr Who?” “How did you guess?” Or How many seconds in a year?# Twelve… Finally Why did the Banana go to the Dr? Because […]

Wish List from a Nine Year Old – Christmas

List to Father Christmas I doubt my children aren’t the only ones who have to put together their Christmas wish lists super early. My son at least has written and re-written his several times over. I am sure he will do it a lot more than that too on the run up to Christmas. It […]

Ice-Cream – Blogtober 2017

Ice-cream Welcome to this year’s Blogtober, hosted by Hexmum. If you’ve missed the last few days please see the links below. Today’s prompt is Ice-Cream. Having had Hyperemesis Gravardium then being dairy free for the next two years real ice-cream hasn’t been on my radar. But I do love it. While I was dairy free […]

Holidays – Blogtober 2017

Holidays We don’t really go on many holidays. We can’t really afford to. Last couple of years we have camped. We have spent a weekend in the Summer with my mum in law in North Devon. I absolutely love it there. The beaches are so beautiful. People talk so much about holidays abroad, as much […]

My Cheerful List #5

cheerful list #5

Welcome to week five of my cheerful list. Where I find some things during the past week which has made me cheerful. Blog It has been quite busy, and I’ve not been entirely sure where this week has gone.Stepping forward with my blog work, I have some exciting things coming up, I am a little […]

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